The Right Way To Do Squats & Lunges To Protect Your Knees

women in exercise class doing lunges

Do you want better posture, a more defined lower body and exercises that will get rid of that bothersome cellulite? Lunges and squats are two exercises you can do that will help you maximize your workout and get the results you’re looking for. Both activities provide an excellent way to tone your lower body, contribute to improving your posture, strengthen your core and engage many of your muscle groups throughout your body. Get the full benefits of lunges and squats by learning the right way  to do them so you can reduce your risk for knee injury.

Lunge Benefits

Lunges are an excellent addition to your workout routine. They can be done anywhere and without any extra equipment. Once you master your form in doing lunges, you can add weights, additional repetitions or widen your stance on an inclined surface such as a chair or workout bench which will take your lunge to the next level.

Lunges target your quads but also help to shape your glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles. In essence, lunges are an excellent way to tone and shape your lower body. They are also back friendly, lessening your risk of straining your back. Use your abdominal and lower back muscles for this workout move and it will strengthen and stabilize your core providing balance and coordination for your body.