Top 10 Beauty Uses For Aloe Vera

fresh aloe vera

If you are looking for an inexpensive natural product that will provide benefits to your skin and help you stay beautiful, don’t sleep on aloe vera. Aloe vera is also often used to soothe sunburned or irritated skin. You may have childhood memories of your mom clipping an aloe leaf to soothe a skin injury you had. Aloe vera contains vitamins and minerals that can help eczema and psoriasis flare ups. It is ideal if you want to use a natural alternative to assist you with these skin conditions. However, aloe vera gel has numerous benefits for your skin in other ways, too.

1. Aloe vera is an excellent toner. Use aloe vera after you wash your face to tone your skin. It will help keep it tight, but it will not over dry your skin. Because aloe vera has ingredients that brighten the skin and prevent acne breakouts, it is a great product to use before applying your moisturizer.

2. Removing makeup can be a pain. But, with aloe vera, it is much easier. Apply aloe vera gel on a cotton ball and wipe away your makeup. Your skin will feel refreshed and most importantly you can avoid using makeup removers which contain harsher chemicals that can cause your skin to become drier.

3. Don’t have any shaving cream? Use aloe vera gel instead. Aloe vera is an antibacterial which helps if you get some nicks when you are shaving. It allows for a closer shave because of its slippery texture and also acts as a moisturizer as well.

4. Exfoliate with aloe vera for glowing skin. Aloe vera helps to make your skin softer and provides oxygen to your skin cells. It aids in strengthening the tissue which makes your skin more vibrant. Apply aloe vera to the drier areas of your skin such as your knees, arms, elbows or heels.