5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Under The Knife

African American woman surgery correction marks on face

Considering a little nip here or tuck there? Be sure to ask yourself or your doctor these five vital questions before going under the knife.

1. Why are you getting plastic surgery?

In case you missed it, BlackDoctor.org recently spoke with Lifetime’s “Atlanta Plastic” very own Dr. Wright Jones, who stressed “doing it for the right reasons.” Plastic surgery should never, ever be a “quick fix for self-esteem.”

If anything, going under the knife should be a “last resort” to achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of — first by adopting a less intensive approach: diet and exercise.

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2. What are your qualifications?

Look for a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. ““Do your research. There are a lot of fake boards that have been formed – this can be confusing for people. The mission of this board is to promote safe, ethical and successful plastic surgery by maintaining high standards for education and certification,” explained Dr. Jones.

Also, ask what kind of training the doctor has received in relation to the specific procedure you’re considering—you don’t want someone whose training only extends to breast augmentation when you’re looking to get a butt lift.