From Hopeless To Hopeful: 9 Things We Can Do Right Now To Start Healing

star tribune

(photo from Star Tribune,

There seems to be an overwhelming sense of fear in the air.

Fear from both Black and white. Between police men and women and citizen. Between the young generation and old. Between churgoers and the un-churched. With pretty much anybody.  People are afraid for their families and afraid for the next generation. But the worst thing about this kind of fear is, it can be paralyzing and make you feel hopeless, and even unwanted. It can keep you from doing what can and needs to be done.

But a wise man once said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.”

Of course there will be protests and anger, but what specifically are we DOING besides just talking about it, and posting about for someone else to read?  Let’s turn all those feelings: grief, hate, worry, anger, frustration and fear into action.