To The Parent Too Busy For Their Child…

African American father and toddler daughter

Preschooler driving you CRAZY?  Just recently, my 3-year-old – a bubbly babe, full of life and laughter pulled a switch-up on me in what seemed a matter of days.

Smiles turned upside down, laughter evolved into cries accompanied by puddles of tear drops and conversation was completely replaced with whines and violent hand gestures.

Could this be the terrible three’s (after all, she didn’t go through the terrible two’s)? Is she sick? Was she feeding off the stress I was feeling over recent changes at work and in my personal life? What the hell is going on? All questions that ran through my head on a daily basis.

Bribe her with candy? Maybe an extended day at the park or the pool will brighten her day? But no matter what I tried, it appeared the storm was worsening. It’s safe to say, after a solid week of manic meltdowns, uncontrollable outbursts of anger, frustration and sleepless nights I was at my wits end. In fact, it was following a meltdown of my own that I had an epiphany.

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