The “My Vacation Is In 2 Weeks!” Quick Fit Strategy

back view of african american woman wearing a bikini on the beachSo your vacation is in two weeks and your summer body is still in layaway. What do you do? First and most important of all, if you truly want a successful weight loss story you have to accept the simple fact that you will not be able to achieve and maintain long term success in two weeks. A fitness journey is a lifelong commitment and when you decide to join the ride, do so decisively. Be committed, patient and relentless and you will be astonished at how much you can achieve.

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Nonetheless, your vacation date is closing in and there are some ways to kick start your fitness journey to have you feeling lighter and looking slimmer just in time for your trip.

First, cut out all junk food immediately. Do not eat anything fried, fatty or highly processed at all. Do not taste it. Do not think about it. Try not to even have it in your presence (just in case) and start now. In fact, if you’re eating junk right now as you read stop and throw it away. It is important to be very strict with your diet since time is of the essence. One slip up is way too many.

Cut out all sugar and dairy. Both are okay in moderation but you’ll want to cut it out completely in order to slim down quick. Keep in mind, however, that some people experience headaches after a couple of days of eating zero sugar but the headaches should disappear in a couple days.

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