5 Road Trip Must-Haves For Cross Country Travel With Kids #ReadyForTheRoadAhead


African American child playing video game in carIn just a matter of weeks, I’ll load up my car and trek it cross country from VA to AZ with my two minions in tow to visit family for the holidays.

While in the back of my mind I’m dreading a rotation of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Adele’s “25,” on the flip side, having completed a handful of these long distance trips over the years I’ve compiled a list of ways to survive hitting the highway (for long periods of time) with little ones.

Among those things is a list of must-have “carry-ons” consisting of…

2017 Nissan Rogue

2017 Nissan Rogue cargo

1. Backpack/suitcase –Fill your child’s bag(s) to the brim with their favorite picks: books, coloring supplies, stickers, a deck of cards, a special treat (or two), and what I call a “piece of home” such as a stuffed animal and a wild card – something they just can’t live without.

2. Blankets/pillows –There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sleeping in a car. Multiply that by the number of children for about 10 hours a day and you’ve created the perfect environment for a sleep-deprived meltdown.

For kids bound to a car seat, try a soft, plush travel neck rest, sure to keep your babe’s head from hanging low. Trust me, you don’t want to experience the tantrum accompanied by a crick in the neck!

For older kids, allow your pre-teen to grab their go-to pillow or blanket straight off the bed. On the plus side, it’s one less thing to pack.