#WeSeeYou: Woman Finds Weight Loss Success Through Motivation


(all photos courtesy of Instagram.com/Kek_keish)

#WeSeeYou is BlackDoctor.org’s weekly feature where we highlight a person or group doing something great in health that needs to be shared with the world. This week, we highlight the one and only Keish from Instgram! 

Keish has been motivating a generation of people with her weight loss for over a year. By sharing her pictures and stories of journey to health after giving birth, her over 60,000 fans are able to see her growth. With a knowledgeable background and personal struggle, Keish created Motiweightion, a website that shares her personal experiences and exposes the many obstacles that one can face when attaining health & fitness goals.

According to the site, Motiweightion was created to offer inspiration, motivation and education while documenting Keisha’s personal lifestyle.

Day after day and month after month, Keish gives to her followers the fifts of knowledge that she learned and is still learning along the journey to a healthier life. One thing that people love about her is that she doesn’t hold back and “tells it like it is.”

In one instagram post, she shares, “It’s been 5 years since beginning my journey. I’ve lost my weight by engaging in intense fitness & eating healthy. I’ve listed 5 tips I use(d) to shed unwanted body fat over the years without waist training, surgeries, pills, nada!”
1. I drink plenty of water with lemon on a daily basis.
2. I eat clean (indulging in moderation on the weekends), and I eat frequently (every 2-3 hours) which works to my advantage because I love to eat. Lol…
3. I incorporate both cardio (HIIT) and lift heavy weights (3x per wk), at least.
4. I surround myself around those that share like goals because they better understand my goals and perspectives. They are always there to encourage and inspire me (thank y’all) to continue pushing towards my wellness goals.
5. Remain consistent despite the challenges. I’ve learned that when I face challenging moments, that’s when change occurs. Never give up!


(all photos courtesy of Instagram.com/Kek_keish)

Keish even shares her diet that keeps her energy up:

PROTEINS – fish, chicken, tuna, lean beef, ground turkey, whey protein and egg whites
CARBS – berries, grapefruit, sweet potato, almonds, brown rice and oatmeal
FATS – olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and natural peanut butter
VEGGIES – ANY green veggies, asparagus and broccoli are super essential.

She says, “Remember, eat every 2-3 hours and drink half your body weight in ounces of water…it really works y’all. Nutrition is key … If you’re in the gym and not losing weight, check your food intake.”

At the end of the day, Keish wants to see you happy, healthy, and living your best life.

“Focus on what you want your life to look like. Not just your body. Fat or fit. I’ve always been fly and confident. Most only post highlighting their good side, posting at their best joining the social media pissing contest. I can put my pride aside realizing that sometimes one is actually at their best, during their worst… I don’t need to flex showing me best at my best.”

“I know my potential…obviously. I practice self compassion, to stand strong in the limelight of my own truth, without seeking needless external validation. Accept no one’s definition of your life except your own! And seek approval only from the people who truly matter in your life. Don’t be hungry for social media validation. Be hungry for success!! Acknowledgement from others is beautiful, it can be motivating and even inspiring. And even sometimes it can mean the world to some. If they don’t know you personally. Don’t take it personally…”

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, you’re the one that needs to be okay with the things you’ve done, the lives you’ve touched, and the people you’ve either uplifted or not.”

To find more about Keisha and her health and fitness plans, click here.

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