5 Avocado Toast Recipes That’ll Change The Way You Look At Breakfast

Avocado toastAmericans are spending a whopping $900,000 per month on the health world’s latest food craze, avocado toast, according to Square. Based on data from hundreds of Square sellers, the average cost was found to be $6.78, with the cheapest avocado toast going for $2 a pop — the most expensive, $18. The average price was highest in sunny Los Angeles, coming in at $8.50, with the lowest in D.C., for a humble $4.

While some experts have used the trendy toast as a symbol “of millennial irresponsibility and excess,” a sudden spike in recipes from Pinterest to Instagram and beyond proves that the love for this new breakfast favorite isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Here are 5 (affordable) recipes that’ll change the way you look at the first meal of the day.

Vegan, Gluten-Free Avocado Toast