5 Black Owned Beauty Companies You Should Shop

African Americans have been pioneering the beauty industry since the very beginning. Let’s not forget the self-made millionaire Madame C.J. Walker, who was the first to capitalize off of her products specifically designed for black hair. But even today, there are several up-and-coming and longstanding Black owned companies that are making their mark successfully on the industry by offering quality products that cater to the needs of the Black community.

1. Plain Jane Beauty

lake-louise-plain-jane-beautySince 2002 Lake Louise has been the Chief Eco-Beauty Officer (CEO) of Skin, Mind, Body Essentials, a beauty and wellness products company whose brands include: Lotus Moon®, DetoxRx®, Plain Jane Beauty® and SON®. As an EcoPreneur, Lake applies the principles of sustainability, a passion for whole body wellness and vast ingredient knowledge in all aspects of her business operations.

One of the newer members to the Skin, Mind, Body Essentials brand portfolio is Plain Jane Beauty. Introduced with great purpose, Plain Jane Beauty is a natural and organic makeup line that focuses on providing foundations that would be inclusive to all skin tones – ivory to ebony. Plain Jane Beauty strives to deliver products with the highest caliber of ingredients that don’t clog your pores, offers you a safe and skin-healthy alternative, and supports sustainability for the environment.

Plain Jane Beauty is all about affirming beauty within ourselves, hence the catchy foundation names such as “I Am Worthy” and “I am Glorious.” Check out these fun skin friendly foundations along with PJB’s primers, eye shadows and lip sticks/glosses. You  just may find yourself in love with your skin even more!