5 Foods Draining Your Energy (Even The So-Called Healthy Ones)

open strawberry yogurtSure. There is such thing as “the itis.” You know, it’s that overwhelmingly exhausted feeling you get after letting your eyes tell you it was OK to eat way more food than your stomach was ready for.

But that’s different from the exhaustion you may regularly feel because of your diet. Yes, it’s possible that your diet – even if you are sure to eat healthier foods – can play a role in the tiredness you feel day to day.

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Here is a list of foods that are leaving you lethargic and beyond tired:

1. Fat-free flavored yogurt

Listen. There’s more sugar in a 6-oz container of fat-free yogurt than you think – try 35 g of sugar. It’s better to eat a plain Greek yogurt with your favorite berries on top than anything else.

2. Red wine

We all love it. It’s hard to let go. But alcohol is dehydrating which can lead to exhaustion and less focus. If you must have the wine, try drinking it during the day. The nightcap, which we all love, only lessens your sleep time overnight though it may help you fall asleep faster.

3. Oatmeal

There’s nothing but sugar in those instant oatmeal packages. That sugar will make you sleepy about an hour later. Opt for the plain oatmeal and top it with nuts or chia seeds. These fixings add energy instead of sucking the energy away.