5 HIV Facts Your Parents Need To Know

What to tell your elders: In Black America, HIV/AIDS has spread beyond the historical high-risk groups and into the general population. According to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation (pdf), heterosexual transmission and injection drug use account for a greater share of infections among Black men than among White men. Black women are also most likely to be infected through heterosexual transmission.

3. Condoms are not the enemy: Older men often shun condoms because they have more difficulty maintaining erections than younger men.

What to tell your elders: Instead of going without condoms, offer to accompany your partner to the doctor, who can help treat erectile dysfunction by prescribing medication, counseling or other treatments. Also explore the female condom, which “can be kept in place for vaginal or anal intercourse whether or not a man stays erect,” says Dr. Cullins.

4. If you stray, you should use protection: Let’s face it: Marital unfaithfulness is common. Even among people over age 60, the lifetime rate of infidelity is 28 percent for men and 15 percent for women, according to researchers from the University of Washington.