5 Keys To A Happier & Healthier Vagina

African American Black woman laying in bed underwear

As a woman, your vagina can be a source of pleasure, insecurity, pride, love or a myriad of other feelings depending on the day. Sometimes what you see in print, in the media or online may not be representative of your vagina, causing further insecurities. But each vagina is uniquely made and beautiful its own right. There are so many reasons you should love and embrace your vagina.

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Your vagina is the source of life, a major pleasure center and each one distinctive and different. In other words, there is nothing like a vagina! If you want to learn more about the wonders of your vagina, you have come to the right place.

I spoke with Sexpert Tyomi, who is a sexuality coach, founder of Glamerotic101.com, Playboy Radio host, resident sexpert at Ebony.com and BlackDoctor.org contributing writer about this topic. Tyomi has been a sexpert for many years and often does videos on YouTube and workshops throughout the country to teach and empower women to own their sexuality.

Here are Tyomi’s top 5 tips she suggests to help you to have a healthier relationship with your vagina:

1. Your vagina is unique to you. Embrace it. No two vaginas are the same. Vaginas come in all shapes, lengths and sizes. Unfortunately, if you look at media or books, you may see little variance in vaginas. But, if you don’t see a vagina that looks exactly like yours, don’t be alarmed. Comparing your vagina to others is a losing proposition because each vagina is different. Go ahead and say it loud and proud, “I embrace my vagina for who ‘she’ is, uniquely mine!” You only have one vagina so learn to embrace and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of yours.

Sexpert Tyomi Tip: “Don’t compare your vagina to what you see on charts, books and in the media. Each vagina is unique and created differently. And vulvas are even more diverse.”

2. Don’t be afraid to explore. There is only one way to understand the many remarkable facets of your vagina and that is by checking it out and taking some time to understand what your vagina looks like and how different regions feel. Trust me, this knowledge will be handy (no pun intended) in the long-term.

Knowing the function, feel and texture of your vagina makes you more comfortable with your vagina. Remember that inside your vagina is your vulva. The vulva is the gateway to your uterus also known as your womb. It includes a double layer of protection provided by the folds of the outer and inner labia which are the visible folds you externally see on your vagina. These folds of skin surround and protect your clitoris as well as the opening of your vagina and urethra. And if you were not aware, your clitoris is the most sensitive and erogenous zone for sexual pleasure. It’s time to start exploring!

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Sexpert Tyomi Tip: “Take a look down there! One of the best ways to become one with your vagina is knowing what it looks like when it’s healthy. Take a hand mirror and place it between your legs. Observe what your vulva looks like, parting its lips. Then lay on your back and spread your legs to get a full view of your vagina. This will help you to gain an understanding of the parts contained within the vulva.”