5 Medicine Ball Moves To Try For Your Next Workout

Do you ever look at the medicine ball like it’s a foreign object? What can this small piece of gym equipment really do for you? Well, it turns out, this small but heavy piece of equipment can give you a full body workout with very little fuss.

In this video, Sharita of GetFitLikeThat.com shows you how to sculpt a booty, lean out your legs, and whittle your waist with a medicine ball. Before you try out these exercises, be sure to select the right medicine ball for you. Grab one that you can easily hold onto (some are larger than others). And then select a weight that will challenge you to get through these moves, but doesn’t kill you.

Try each of these moves for 15 reps each for at least 3 sets to really feel the burn and reap all the rewards!

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