5 Natural Hangover Remedies

It is the morning after a long night of drinking and your stomach is in knots, with your last meal on its way out, head pounding and energy zapped, you have a hangover! Unfortunately for many drinkers, these mornings can be an all too familiar, and with the weather warming up that means more events, outings, and more drinks.

What causes a hangover exactly? Obviously over drinking, but research has also shown that impurities produced in the distilling process can make you feel nauseous, and malt liquors and red wines have been shown to be especially toxic. While there is only one proven cure for a hangover, time (usually between 8-24 hours), we have a few helpful remedies that may make your recovery easier and speedier.

Rest is key. While a lack of sleep doesn’t cause a hangover, it can prolong the process. Studies have shown that high levels of alcohol intake can cause sleep disturbances and overall decreased quality of rest. Sleeping is the time your body uses to process toxins and repair damaged cells. Take a nap and give your body some time to metabolize the excess alcohol from the night before

Water and Coconut Water to aid in rehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it dehydrates your cells and effects blood alcohol levels after you have stopped drinking. Electrolyte-rich coconut water can