5 Steps to Running Your First 5K

Spring is here! There is a natural energy building within us, waiting to break free from the dark days of winter and indoor confinement. This is a perfect time to embrace the changing of seasons and try something new. Have you ever thought about training for a 5K? I can’t think of a better way to shed your winter wardrobe and some extra pounds with it!

Here are 5 important steps towards successfully crossing the finish line.

1. Find Your Motivation

I’m sure idea of training for anything sounds daunting, but running a race is not as intimidating as it seems. “I’m not a runner,” is probably the first thought crossing your mind as you’re reading this. Like anything in life, don’t knock it until you try it. Much like kale and coconut oil, it just might be your new addiction.

After conquering the mental hurdles holding you back, consider the plethora of benefits that come with running. Potential weight loss and improved cardiovascular health are at the top of the list. Running also releases endorphins, known as those “feel good” hormones that fight depression and improve energy. It’s one great incentive after another!

Make an effort to find a good race. Seek out races with scenic routes, fun themes, or one that supports a cause that is meaningful to you. Active is a good resource for race dates and locations anywhere.

Need more motivation? I can honestly say I don’t know anyone that likes to throw away money. Paying the race registration fee can definitely give you the extra push to stay committed.

2. Gear Up

Proper running shoes are