Black Folks Need Sunscreen Too: 5 Sunscreens For Your Skin

Yes, us Black folks need to wear sunscreen, too. Our skin may come in many shades, but our health is still at risk. Not to mention the sun will damage anyone’s skin that is exposed to it. Take it from me, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are five sunscreens that were designed to fit your personal lifestyle and skin care needs.


1. Powder Formula


Do you have oily skin? Like to keep your cosmetics a little bit longer than most people? This is your best option. Bare Minerals’ powder formula ensures that your face won’t over oil, leaving you with well-protected smooth skin. As an added benefit, unlike the liquid formulas powder doesn’t break down as quickly, and therefore lasts longer.

2. Anti-Aging 


If you already use an anti-aging cream why not try this 2-in-1 combo from Olay. It offers the protection benefits of sunscreen while utilizing powerful anti-oxidants that fight to repair existing damage! How’s that for a double whammy?