5 Surprising Habits That Stain Your Teeth

African American man smiling with white teeth(BlackDoctor.org) — Part your lips, expose a bright teeth and you can be a showstopper. Part your lips and reveal dingy, stained teeth and you can also get attention, but it’s probably not the type you want.

When thinking of dental stains, smoking may be the first thing that comes to mind. Tobacco use certainly is a culprit, but it is far from being the only one. Knowing the others are can help you avoid staining your smile.

What You Drink

Coffee is another well known cause of dental stains. Yet, fewer people recognize tea as a problem. Black tea, the worst offender in its family, has a love-hate relationship with your teeth. It promotes oral health in some ways, such as fighting bacteria and plaque, but it also causes discoloration. Green and white teas can also have some negative effects on tooth color, but the risk is much lower.

Red wine can also rob your teeth of their shine. This is another beverage that both helps and hurts oral ambitions. On one hand, its’ polyphenols protect the teeth from bacteria and help prevent periodontal disease, but its dark coloring can have major stain producing effects.