5 Tips To Keeping Your Shoes Fly & Intact

Black woman shoesPicking out a new pair of shoes will never go out of style. Whether your shoe addiction is big or small, you want to keep your shoes looking fly for years and not a few months. Coco & Creme has complied a list of ways to keep your heels, boots, sneakers, wedges, and any other shoe looking fresh and sexy.

Keep Them Covered

One way to protect your shoes is to store them in cotton shoe bags that allow the shoes to breathe. Plastic shoe bags tend to dry shoes out. Also, you want to avoid putting shoes too close to each other on the shoe rack because they can actually bleed into one another. Make sure your chic footwear is tucked away in a closet that is room temperature and is open.

Freshen Up Those Soles

Sprinkle baking soda at night before you go to bed to remove the nasty foot odor from your shoes. In the morning, take your shoes outside and shake off the baking soda. Also, you can buy shoe insoles to put into your shoes.