5 Tips To Make Your Money Work For You

Day in and day out we, as consumers, are constantly throwing our hard-earned money down the drain. Spending is a part of the American lifestyle, so why not get the most for our buck? Put down the credit card and start making some sound decisions when it comes to making your money work for you!

How to get started:

1. Start an online store

Yes, I know. Many of us look at online stores as gimmicky, cluttered with the same mass of stock apparel, and downright sketchy. However, drop-ship is a completely new ball game and takes the manual labor out of actually running a business by yourself. Invest a little to set up the website, get quick samples to photograph (many already come with stock photos), upload, then have a third-party ship them out every time someone orders. You literally never lift a finger.

2. Try peer-to-peer lending

I’ve honestly tried this and it worked out, at first. The trick to peer-to-peer lending is to