5 Vegan Influencers to Inspire Your Vegan Journey


A few years ago when I began my journey of going meat and dairy-free, I had no idea what to eat besides fruit, vegetables and endless bowls of rice and beans. I quickly became bored and unfulfilled eating the same thing every day and within a week, I reverted right back to eating and enjoying every type of cheese within sight.

At the time, I wasn’t aware of many vegan sources, so the struggle was real. However, when I made the decision to switch to a plant-based diet the second time around, I did my research and re-created delicious meals that I discovered from vegan influencers via YouTube and by using the beloved hashtags on Instagram.

Needless to say, I’ve been about that plant-based life since. Although my family and some friends aren’t vegan, many are curious for different reasons. As a matter of fact, recent data shows that U.S. Google searches for ‘Vegan’ have been increasing over the years since 2004 and hit a huge spike in 2015 as it continues to steadily increase. Thankfully, as veganism continues to grow in popularity, so are the number of vegan social media influencers.

I’m not here to sway you into becoming a vegan, but, if you’re curious and have no idea where to start, here are some pretty dope vegans to follow on the ‘gram that is serving up some daily recipe inspiration that even non-vegans would enjoy.


Jenné Claiborne is a vegan chef, author, YouTuber, and Blogger. Growing up in Atlanta and now