5 Ways Couples Can Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

must say it does work. Initially, I couldn’t fathom speaking to someone each and every day, like clockwork. Coming from a long-time of being single and literally doing my own thing, on my own schedule, it was hard for me to conform to one type of schedule.

Taking that time to simply say “Hey, how was your day?” “What did you eat for dinner?” sounds mundane but it is so important. Having the one on one, face to face time with them will bring some normalcy to your relationship and makes no room for miscommunications that may come along with messaging each other.

2. Keep Each Other in The Loop
Keeping close contact with your long-distance lover is the main goal. Make sure to keep them in the loop of all things. Yes, that even means sharing with them your new nail color or the cab driver you had to curse out that morning. It’s the little things like that, that will make them feel included in your life.