5 Ways To Practice Self Care At Work

Work, for many people, causes stress. Whether it is worrying about upcoming deadlines or juggling a busy schedule, the job is stressful to most people. Self care is important to practice at home, but it is even more important to practice it in the office. Stress from work does not need to go ignored because you are on the clock; it is actually quite the opposite. Managing stress while on the job can lead to a more effective and efficient you. Here are some simple ways to practice self care in the workplace.

Make your desk a mini sanctuary. Having your own desk gives you the opportunity to decorate it as you please. Plants are a great accessory, especially if your office does not have windows or natural light. Plants are shown to make us feel calmer and more focused. Low maintenance plants, such as succulents, cacti or air plants, are ideal for the workplace. Also, having your own desk allows you to go unnoticed when taking your shoes off. Taking your shoes off relieves pressures on your feet, hence letting you feel more relaxed.

Take your breaks. Taking your breaks is very important. Even if it is just a five minute break, or a walk around the office, giving yourself time to step back and recharge is necessary. Taking a break can entail having a snack, listening to music, reading a book, sitting outside or even having a non-work related conversation with a colleague. Breaks are recommended for a reason. They boost your productivity and allow your brain to reset. Create a clear distinction from work and rest in your workspace.