5 Ways To Practice Self Care At Work

Display photos. Having a few photos posted on your desk, or a simple picture frame that displays your friendships or loved ones can be a soothing. When you are feeling stressed, looking at photos can trigger happy memories and help you relax. Loved ones and friendships are relationships that can keep us grounded and focused.

Set an email limit. Emails are a part of the job that take up a large portion of one’s time. If you are not spending time reading and sorting through emails, you are busy replying or thinking about other emails you still need to respond to. There are two ways to deal with this: turn off email alerts after a certain period of time, or give yourself a time during the day for emails only. When email alerts are turned off, you are able to focus more on the task at hand and your attention does not drift to something else. Carving out times during your day for emails only helps you to not get consumed in the never ending emails and helps you portion off your schedule.

Try a fidget toy. Fidget spinners came into the spotlight a few months ago, but their purpose is still prevalent. Fidget toys are useful to release nervous energy and serve as a quick distraction when needed. This small toy can fit in your desk drawer, pocket or purse.

By practicing these simple tips, self care is attainable in the workplace. Remember, if you want to be successful in the workplace you need to be at your best mentally. Therefore, managing your stress is key.