Ask The Expert: “Will My Edges Ever Grow Back?”

African American Black woman bun hairstyleDo you have thinning edges due to weave, braided hairstyles or even health issues like hypothyroidism, lupus, iron deficiency, hormone imbalances or alopecia? While the road to growing your edges back may seem rocky, you’re in luck – it is possible!

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“There are a couple of things you can do,” Rachel Grante, Colour Director at Arthur Christine, located on the bustling border of Washington, D.C. told “Whether your loss is due to alopecia or just regular over styling, biotin and a daily vitamin [for starters] will help accelerate hair growth.”

“However, if you are not living a healthy lifestyle, chances are you won’t see any difference. It’s essential to drink plenty of water, take your vitamins – even fish oil to promote healthy hair regrowth,” Grante continued. “Of course, you can always take it to the next level, by increasing your protein intake,” Grante says for those with noticeably brittle hair.

Meanwhile, Grante also suggests:

Scalp massages

Rubbing thinning areas with oil can also aid in re-growing hair loss. According to Livestrong, oil-rich treatments, like vitamin E, reduce damage by repairing hair follicles, in turn stimulating hair growth. Take your scalp treatment up a notch, by warming your oil prior to massaging it into your scalp.