Face Yoga: The Natural Facelift

African American woman making a faceI want to age gracefully and I bet you do too! But, I have some fears around using facial injections such as Botox, and fillers to help me along. No judgment if that is your thing. But, I am always on the lookout for a natural alternative that doesn’t involve a surgical procedure. This is how I discovered face yoga.

Face yoga is exercises designed to tighten the muscles in your face. You probably workout to tone the muscles of your body and face yoga is the same concept, except the focus is on exercising your face.

You have more than 50 different muscles in your face. They are stretched like layered, elastic sheets and sit on top of your cranium and facial tissues. When your facial muscles contract they create your different facial expressions.

These facial muscles are exercised and toned when you do face yoga. Face yoga contours and shapes your face. It is a way you can maintain a more youthful look as you age, and helps to keep your neck and face tauter.

Facial yoga is useful because it helps you to relax your face, which smooths those expressions you may make when you are tense without realizing that you do these things naturally. When you relax those facial muscles, it helps to give your face a natural lift. If your face does this naturally, this saves you the trouble (and cost) of using Botox to freeze those muscles.

Annelise Hagen, a New York yoga instructor and author of “The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift,” states that, “Relaxing the facial muscles, especially where we hold tension – like the jaw, brow, and forehead can counteract the wrinkle-causing grimacing we do on a daily basis.”