Men: What She’s Always Wanted You To Know About Oral Sex

Peach is falling into milkSomebody might’ve hyped your head up to think that you were the next Mr. Marcus, but it’s very possible that you’re deep sea diving looking for the wrong treasure. If you don’t want her giving you step-by-step instructions while you’re putting in work ‘downtown,’ read on.

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I spoke with Eboni Harris, a relationship expert and host of “Room Relations,” to get the lowdown on how to perform where it’s warm. Brothers, it’s not one size fits all, but there are some techniques that will make every woman splash waterfalls.

What are men doing wrong when performing oral sex?

Eboni: Women tend to have many complaints when it comes to oral sex. The main complaint is when men do not seem interested in performing the act. If a man does not seem eager to perform cunnilingus, women will know. She can tell because:

  • He’s not paying attention to whether or not she is enjoying it.
  • He’s trying to reach a goal opposed to pleasuring her.
  • He appears as if he’s trying to check a box to make sure it is reciprocated.

Another complaint is being too aggressive in the act. This means that you are attacking the labia and clitoris as opposed to strategically caressing it. There needs to be some intention in the act.

What techniques do women love?

Eboni: Just like men, women want men to enjoy going down on them. Although variety is always good, men should be intentional in what they are doing. Focus on the clitoris but then make sure the whole area gets attention. There is a little debate between flat and firm tongue vs. soft and fluttery so to be safe, just try both and see how her body reacts.

What position is the best position to perform oral sex?

Eboni: The standard position of the woman on her back is always a good choice. It’s a comfortable position for both parties and easy to maneuver if necessary. That said, every woman has enjoyed (or desired)…

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