8 Ways President Obama Kept His Cool All These Years

Comedian Cedric the Entertainer has a running joke about how no other African American could be President of the United States like President Obama because they wouldn’t be able to keep their cool the way he has over the years. Here are some of the funny, and honest ways our President keeps his cool.


1. He Sings – because sometimes you have no words and you just have to bust out into a song to fully show how you’re feeling. Take a look:


2. He prays – because Lord knows all the things, people, situations, issues and emergencies that the President has to deal with that makes it into the news. Now imagine all the things we don’t hear about! Since before the election, President Obama has relied on prayer to help him push through.


(photo courtesy of White House facebook page)


3. He Goes Out To Eat – Sometimes you have to get away from the office, out of the home and just have dinner with friends. When he doesn’t go out to eat, here is President Obama’s favorite recipe to cook, click here.