Very Necessary: Why You Should Take (Guilt-Free) Mental Health Days

African American Black woman relaxing with cup of tea and bookI’m not sure about you, but I constantly feel as though my life is moving at a super frantic pace. Being a mom, daughter and significant other can be a lot to balance. And with 24-7 access to technology, it makes it difficult to disconnect and relax. You may feel burned out, too! But, I have a solution to help you reenergize!

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I spoke with two psychologists to get their insights on why taking a mental health day does wonders for your spirit and state of mind.

Meet psychologists, Kimberly Williams and Dr. Paul Coleman. Williams is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Psychologist in New York. She is the Founder and Co-President of LIPAC. Dr. Coleman, a Psychologist for over 30 years, is an author of numerous self-help books and has appeared on Oprah and Today. His most recent book is Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces. Why is a mental health day (MHD) beneficial?

Williams: Ironically, I’m a psychologist who just took a MHD yesterday! It’s all about you boosting your energy and lowering stress levels. Sometimes the break from a daily routine can help you to mentally reset, jump off the treadmill and gain some perspective on work related or personal issues. It also helps you to be more efficient at work.

Dr. Coleman: Taking a MHD from work or home responsibilities is a sign that a person is not waiting for the goodwill of others to get some much needed time-off. They are taking the initiative to take better care of themself. Taking a MHD informs others (bosses, family) that taking care of oneself is a priority. We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.