Stay Together For The Health Of It: 5 Ways Divorce Hurts Your Health


couple in bed upsetThey say it’s cheaper to keep her (or him!), but that isn’t the only reason to reconsider getting a divorce. The cost of good health and peace of mind is priceless, and research shows going through divorce can wreak havoc on your health in serious ways.

Dramatic Weight Loss or Gain 

Drastic weight fluctuations are common during or after divorce. Dr. Gregg Fonarow, a professor of cardiovascular medicine and science at the University of California, Los Angeles, stated in a CBS report that people might let go of eating a balanced diet and other healthy habits after a marriage ends. When I went through my divorce, I had little or no appetite. I lost a good deal of weight because I just didn’t have a desire to eat. Others may experience the opposite. Food may be a source of comfort because it may temporarily make you happy, while adding on pounds and increasing the risk for chronic disease. Either extreme is unhealthy. Be aware of your tendency to eat little or nothing at all or too much.


Not surprisingly, divorce is cited as the second most stressful life event (runner up to losing a spouse because of death). You may feel alone and that there is not anyone to protect you in the world. Everything you imagined would be a part of your future no longer exists. You start to feel uncertain and insecure about who you are and where you are heading because you are used to navigating life with your mate. If you have children, this can make it even more challenging. Your living situation may change. You may have to negotiate visitation and financial issues which you used to do along with your spouse. According to the American Psychological Association, untreated anxiety can grow into frequent panic attacks, depression and even substance abuse.

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