AWESOME! 8-Year-Old Starts Baking Company To Buy His Mom A House

At eight-years-old, a typical boy would spend his summer’s mainly outside playing with friends, playing the latest video games, frequenting swimming pools, eating pizza and trying out new toys. But not Jalen Bailey. This young man decided to start a business. So he started baking.

That’s right, baking.

The 8-year-old bakes everything from scratch, including specialty peanut butter cookies, banana nut muffins, vanilla cake in a jar and more delicious treats for his company called Jalen’s Bakery. No side-stepping the process here. Jalen uses no pre-made mixes or fillers and takes the time to put love in each one of his sweets. The prices range from $5 to $15 and he and his mom even deliver local orders.

“My mom is one who made me decide to do the business,” says Jalen. “I want to save up a lot of money for a house. I just want me and my mom to be happy in it.”

“I’ve had side businesses since I was 18,” says mom Sharonda who is also his baking assistant and let Jalen tell it, she’s his closest best friend.

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Jalen’s hard work is paying off, and business is growing. He went to to his first business mixer and networked with other business owners. One man even offered to donate a used oven so Jalen could meet the demand.

(Jalen Sweet Potato tarts / courtesy of

(Jalen Sweet Potato tarts / courtesy of

“I had said I wanted to be a millionaire,” admits Jalen. “Before I didn’t think that was possible. But now I think it is.”

If you’d like to contribute to this future millionaire’s dream, click here to order some of sweet treats.
“He’s very excited,” Mahan told ABC News. “It seems like the more orders he gets, the more excited he gets and the more serious he gets about his business.”

She started a GoFundMe page for Jalen’s Bakery to expand his business so that he can ship to customers nationwide.

When asked what she thinks of all this, Sharonda says, “I’m just so very proud. Very proud.”