5 Drinks That Boost Your Brain (Memory & Focus)

Close-up of fruit juices on display at market stall

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, Limitless, the premise is that a “super pill” can help you smarter, think quicker, react faster and overall be a genius. Even though that’s Hollywood and there’s no real magic pill to do that, we do have mother nature to look to if we want our brains to perform better.

Here’s five quick concoctions that will make you get you ready for your day and make you look like a rockstar at work.

Blueberry Juice
Remember the age old saying: the dark the berry the sweeter the juice? Well, not only has eating more darkly pigmented fruits like blueberries been associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, but some studies show that eating them can actually boost concentration and memory up to 5 hours later. Just thank all those antioxidants, which increase blood flow (and thus, oxygen) to the brain, making mental tasks easier. Try adding them to your morning oatmeal or afternoon salad.

Peppermint Tea
Even without caffeine, this tasty brew can perk up your brain. Studies have found that the scent of peppermint is associated with reduced anxiety and fatigue, and enhanced motivation and performance.

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Beet Juice
Beet roots are veggies loaded with dietary nitrates that are converted into nitrites in the body, which increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain. If you’re like most people you either love beets or hate them. If you need a little extra help convincing yourself to try beet juice, then try…

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