Sisters Meagan & La’Myia Good Defend ‘The Return Of The Good Girl’

Megan GoodActress Meagan Good is all about sisterhood, especially in the era of reality television and its often one-sided portrayal of Black women fighting and arguing with each other.

Good and her sister, La’Myia, are on a mission to change that with their philanthropic initiative, The Greater Good Foundation.

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“I think a lot of what the media is sending to the kids these days is that, hey, you’ve got to dress like this. You’ve got to fight other women,” Good told “We just want to give them another option, like, OK, you don’t have to be a bad seed. You can be a good girl or you can take pride in loving yourself, respecting yourself…”

Through collaboration with the high-end fashion brand, Defend Paris, the Good sisters recently released a limited edition red and black flannel with “Defend Good Girl” on the back.

“Here’s this line of clothing that stands for something, that is about being strong in whatever your belief system or whatever it is you’re defending,” Good said. “So we were like, what about taking away the stereotype of a ‘bad b****’ and making it about the return of the good girl.”

Alongside their fashion endeavors, the sisters also teach the importance of sisterhood through a partnership with the arts program Musication in Compton. Through a specially-designed curriculum, which includes building self-esteem and promoting positive body images, Good and her sister become mentors to young girls from underprivileged backgrounds who may lack direction or support.

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