Is Your Thick Fit? Fitness Expert Laticia “Action” Jackson Helps Black Women ‘Change The Norm’

Laticia Action Jackson


Is Your Thick Fit? Fitness Expert Laticia “Action” Jackson Wants Black Women To Change The Norm

Tired of playing the size game? Ready to learn the tools necessary to eat, feel and look your best from the inside out? Health and fitness expert Laticia “Action” Jackson shares the key to achieving optimal health – no matter your size – with her new book, Changing the Norm: A Woman’s Guide to Eating, Looking and Feeling Her Best.

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With the term “thick” rapidly being accepted as embracing a few extra pounds, Jackson cautions Black women to put aside the images portrayed to us in our homes, communities, as well as mass media and take control of their well-being. Recently, had the opportunity to catch up with the 2008 Fitness Olympian, who

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