‘Black Women In Medicine’ Documentary Inspires Viewers To Challenge Their Limitations

Black Women In Medicine movieBlack women continue to sprinkle their melanin magic throughout the medical field despite all odds.

And one award-winning documentarian is eager to shed light on these successes.

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Black Women in Medicine highlights the inspiring stories of women who broke the glass ceilings in their profession while overcoming various obstacles – including racism, sexism and the lack of educational opportunities.

Black Women in Medicine will provide a heavy helping of motivation for chasing one’s dreams, not just to young Black Americans but to all Americans and world citizens,” said Crystal R. Emery, the film’s director and producer.

Black Americans only make up a small section of all doctors in the U.S., 4.5 percent to be exact, according to Emery. Of that population, 2 percent are Black women.

“We desperately need role models to come forward and share their stories, so that our children can consider careers in the health-care professions,” said Dr. Claudia L. Thomas, the first Black female orthopedic surgeon.

Thomas is one of the women featured in Black Women in Medicine, which world premieres in New York (Cinema Village) Aug. 26 through Sept.1. Afterwards, the film will screen in Los Angeles (Laemmle’s Music Hall) from Sept. 2 through Sept. 8.


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