From Running 2 Minutes To 2 Marathons: Steven's Weight Loss Journey [VIDEO]

“Actually, you’re morbidly obese. Continue this pattern, you’ll end up dead”

Steven Bryant couldn’t believe the words coming from his physician’s mouth. It’s a memory he’ll never forget. In 2013, he’d gone to the doctor for what he thought would be a normal, routine check-up.

But he learned that the 297 pounds he was carrying on his 5-foot, 8-inch frame made him a pre-diabetic with high blood pressure – not to mention his history of severe asthma.

He needed to make a change, fast, before his weight claimed his life.

“I was 25 and I felt 50,” Bryant said. “I really needed to do something.” met with Bryant, now 28, to discuss his weight-loss journey, where he lost 100 pounds in 10 months.

And Bryant doesn’t give all the credit to his workout routine. In fact, he saw the most progress when he added changes to his diet.

Learn more about Bryant’s journey in’s weight-loss video series.


Monday, August 29th, 2016

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