4 Tips To Help Your Child’s Back-To-School Anxiety

Help your child establish a support system.

It’s great if your child comes to you for advice on any and every topic. But some children may feel like they can’t have deep discussions with their parents. Help your child create a list of family members and teachers that can step in and give trustworthy advice when needed.

Expose your child to school in small doses.

Dropping off your little one at kindergarten can be frightening if they haven’t had any exposure to school before. If your child didn’t attend pre-school, find some extracurricular activities that could get your child acclimated to the social elements of a classroom setting.

Speak with a therapist.

If your child’s school refusal continues for more than a couple of weeks, it may be best to speak with a therapist. There could be some other event that triggered your child’s anxiety about school that only a professional can detect and help treat.

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