Debunking Coconut Oil Hair Myths

Myth #2: Coconut tames frizz and defines your curls.

Wrong again. “Often times, women who look to popular beauty bloggers – who swear by slathering coconut oil through their strands, to achieve frizz-free, defined curls – and end up disappointed when they don’t receive the same results,” said Grante. “Because coconut oil does not define your natural curl pattern.”

“What they’re missing is, many times these bloggers’ natural texture and curl pattern is softer, more defined and bouncy. The coconut is also likely just one on the many products they used to achieve their look,” she said.

“My recommendation is this: For kinky coarse hair, it’s all about technique. You can’t achieve those natural tendril curls (a slender curl or ringlet) from a simple wash ‘n go. To define curls, opt for a twist out or bantu knots. While you can use coconut oil as a leave-in to soften curls, an Eco-gel or shea butter – as I touched on before – will coat, seal and define your style.”

Myth #3: Coconut oil combats breakage.

If it were only that easy. According to Grante, “coconut oil alone, will not prevent breakage.” There’s layers to this ish… “it involves how you brush your hair, the products you use,” etc.

“If your hair is in a condition where it’s been over processed or fried, there’s really nothing you can do to retain your natural curl texture. You can either do a gradual cut out, the big chop, learn how to do a good blowout, wear a weave, or braids. But once it is burned, nothing, not even coconut [oil] will redefine your curl pattern.”

“A beautiful head of hair consists of eating a healthy diet, drinking a lot of water, taking vitamins or a fish oil supplement and investing in quality products, such as Brocato, smoothing and hydrating treatments or a repair me rinse. ” said Grante.

While coconut oil may not get you a healthy head of hair, Grante offered her opinion, that some people swear by it as a “skin moisturizer.”

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