It’s Time For 3D Weight Loss: Stop Digesting Debt, Discord & Drama!

African American woman happyDRAMA, once reserved as just a genre for movies, is now the equivalent to what we can fairly label: toxicity found in some people. Raise your hands if you know toxic people! It’s as if some people have decided, the only way they’re going to live their lives is in making sure no one around them lives happy lives. It’s commonly said, “if you like it, I love it.” Ummm, well, maybe we should all rethink this thought. Learning to love drama-filled relationships because some like them is not only unhealthy, it’s elementary. Allowing drama to hang itself in your closet of contentment and peace is a sure way to deny your desired development. I often tell my audiences, “Misery doesn’t just love company; misery is a company!

Don’t allow misery to employ you at its low-wage positions of petty and pity, void of the plentiful benefits you so deserve. You’re far too qualified! Starting today, why not make bolder and wiser decisions? Step away if you must. Take some time to yourself. Rid yourself of people who invite you to drama more than they ignite you to dream!

Listen, it’s time to view your weight loss differently. Losing weight, when done holistically is rooted in purging and healing. Go deeper! Learning how to heal from your past and from people is a huge step in the right direction. It’s an entirely new season and you deserve an entirely newer life. Stop those diets that aren’t really working anyway and do the greater work. Try seeing it 3D: Stop digesting Debt, Discord and Drama. People can bring pressures just as food can bring pleasures. Learn to refuse what’s bad and choose what’s better.



Dr. Chandra Gill

Dr. Chandra Gill

Dr. Gill is the CEO of Blackademically Speaking, a cutting edge educational consulting firm created to better educate our children. She’s an award-winning Motivational Speaker and Author of: Champions Break Chains and Black Genes-Black Genius: A Motivational Handbook to Empower Black Youth. She’s on a mission to motivate and educate youth worldwide. See her inspire and empower youth here: YoutubeTwitter/IG: @drgill5; Facebook:Dr. Chandra Gill – Blackademically Speaking

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