Science Proves Why ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ Is True

African American couple holding hands engagedMost married men live by the mantra – “happy wife, happy life.”

Well, whoever came up with that saying wasn’t lying, according to a new study published in the medical journal Health Psychology.

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Research shows that good and bad physical health is determined by the happiness of a person’s wife or husband. More than 1,900 heterosexual couples were surveyed for the experiment.

Individuals with a disgusted, or angry spouse had an overall health worse than individuals with happy partners. Those with discontented wives or husbands also were more physically impaired and didn’t exercise as much.

“We’ve known for a long time that when we surround ourselves with happy people, we’re happier,” the study’s lead author, William J. Chopik, said in the New York Times. “But now we know that it not only makes us happier but healthier as well.”

When the spouse is happy, Chopik explained, he or she is more supportive at home and encourages better eating habits.

Here are a few tips to keep your spouse happy at home:

Be appreciative.

Don’t be afraid to regularly remind your partner that you appreciate them and the things he or she does – everything from cleaning the kitchen to walking the dog to helping the kids with the homework. Unhappiness begins as soon as one person in the marriage feels unappreciated.

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