#ForeverDuncan: Man’s Surprise Same-Day Proposal & Wedding Goes Viral [VIDEO]

foreverduncanOver the first weekend in October 2016, one couple’s same-day proposal and wedding surprise has gone viral. A man planned for literally months to surprise his then girlfriend with the proposal and wedding her dreams all in the SAME DAY and fans followed every step of the fantasy wedding with the hashtag #ForeverDuncan over the weekend.

Alfred Duncan surprised his then girlfriend Sherrell Woodward and she was beyond words. After getting engaged, Sherrell thought she was going to accompany her new fiance’ to go take engagement pictures, but when she arrived, all of her friends and family were there ready for her big day! That’s when the tears started flowing and she felt the love that was beyond words.

“Listen, I’m still trying to figure this all out. Who does this? You know what I mean?,” Sherrell said on “Good Morning America.”. “Now I’m looking at him like, ‘I got to get to know you all over again? I didn’t even know you had this in you.’

During the ceremony at the altar, Sherrell broke down and expressed her feelings to her love.

“I’m so proud of you,” she said. “I’m so happy that you love me this way. I’m so happy you chose to do this with me. I love you with my whole heart baby.”

Here a little bit of the video below:

[bc_video video_id=”5155882801001″ account_id=”5045163367001″ player_id=”default”]

Still unable to figure out how Alfred was able to pull this whole celebration off? He said, “It took a lot of help.”

“A lot of her friends helped me out with this to organize it. A lot of my family,” Alfred explained. “Ultimately I just studied her for a very long time and I learned what she loves, what she likes and what she would want. I just thank God. It’s gone viral, I wasn’t expecting this, of course. If not one person posted the video, I didn’t care. I was just trying to impress and amaze my beautiful wife.”

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Needless to say, she was certainly amazed. He had thought of every single detail along the way, even the gorgeous gown she’d wear down the aisle.

“We are brand ambassadors for a clothing company called I’m Young Fashion,” said Alfred. “So probably three months ago I told the girl, ‘Listen, I need you to convince my girlfriend to get to design her own dress. So we came up with a plan. She said she was coming up with this thick line for voluptuous, beautiful women, and she came and measured her. She asked her, ‘What kind of wedding dress would you want? What kind material?’ All of that. So she actually designed her wedding dress unbeknownst to her.”

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When asked how Alfred will top his proposal/wedding day when the couple celebrate their 1-year anniversary, Alfred quickly responded

“I don’t have to plan nothing for the next two to three years,” he laughed. “It’s all on her. I am done.”

After the video and hastag went viral and as all of this is setting in, Sherrell had some encouraging words for everyone following her story.

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“God is working. If you don’t believe in God and faith and things like that, I encourage you to just get on your knees and just pray. Even if it’s just to say ‘thank you’ to God. Because what’s going on right now is bigger than a surprise wedding. It’s bigger than a surprise proposal. This thing is God connecting vessels together.”

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