Singer Mya’s Ultimate Lower Body Workout (VIDEO)

Singer Mya Harrison, has been performing practically her whole life.

As a child, she imitated Michael Jackson in her mother’s high-heeled boots, using a spoon as a make-believe microphone. Mýa took violin lessons throughout her childhood, but dancing was her primary after-school activity. Mýa started ballet lessons in 1982 when she was only two and jazz and tap when she was four.

Although she lost interest during her toddler years, at age 12, her interest peaked again. Her tap-dancing skills led to an opportunity to study with one of the best-known tap dancers in the country, Savion Glover of the Dance Theater of Harlem, when he came to Washington DC for a workshop. Glover later chose Mýa for a solo spot in a dance performance at the Kennedy Center.

It’s hard to believe nowadays, but the now 40-year-old Mýa had to endure bullying growing up, but her accomplishments as a dancer helped her make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

“There was a time in my life when I wasn’t popular and accepted by kids in school. I was made fun of with braces and kinky hair, and being from a multicultural family, etcetera,” says Mya. “And it really hurts when you’re that age, but later when you get

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