ColourPop Needs To Stop: Racially Insensitive Product Names Sparks Controversy

Various companies and corporations racial sensitivity is at an all-time high these days, but one company missed the memo that Black folk ain’t having it anymore! ColourPop, the LA born cosmetic company known for their non-animal tested, pocket-friendly prices and cool color pallets made a big no-no of a mistake, and now they are doing some serious apologizing.

Their newest line of Sculpting Stix, though pretty inclusive, were released with a bang, and not in a good way. Like most beauty products, the 12 shades offered in this new line took on some fairly interesting names, and our fellow Black queens were not happy about the ones fit for us.


As you can see, the colors for our fairer skinned ladies have cute names like “gummy bear” and “venice” and as the colors start to get darker the names become more questionable, like “yikes,” “dume” and “typo”.Needless to say, social media had a field day with this, and now the brand is of course sorry.

ColourPop has since changed the names and sent out a recent apology statement to Buzzfeed News:

“On behalf of ColourPop, we are sorry and are extremely grateful for our customers’ feedback. We have taken immediate action to change the shade names and review our naming process to ensure this does not happen again. In addition, the names have since been changed, with “yikes” now “bloom” and “typo” now “platonic.”

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