10 Foods Never To Eat Past College

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College is a time for growing up, right? We learn more about ourselves, more about the world around us and hopefully grow as individuals in a good way. With that said, some of us are still stuck in college when it comes to eating.

It’s time to grow up , people. (yes, we’re talking to you).

Here are the foods that you should stop eating as soon as you got your diploma or you left school, started paying on your loans, etc.

open strawberry yogurt

1. Flavored yogurt

That good tasting yogurt that’s supposed to be good for you too? Yep! Many store brands of yogurt are full of sugar. The “fruit on the bottom” isn’t good for you — opt for greek yogurt instead and then add in your own fresh fruit.

cheese slices isolated on white background

2. American cheese

I hate to break it to you, but it’s not “real” cheese. You can’t muster up the energy to consume an entire meal, so you open up the mini fridge and spot a package of these processed dairy delectables.


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pouring orange juice

3. Orange juice

We all love brunch and mistakenly believe orange juice cures the common cold, but as it turns out, our favorite “go-to” healthy drink is not what it seems. Popular orange juice brands have 33 grams of sugar, close to Coca Cola’s 40 grams in a 12 oz serving. You’re better off getting fresh squeezed and washing it down with water.

Ramen Noodles in a white Bowl. Isolated on white

4. Ramen Noodles

Yes, these little packets we used to call “dinner”, some of y’all need to let go. There are a number of people who admit to still buying these either in the cup of soup form or the noodle packets.


Metal can on a white background. Vector Illustration

5. Canned soup

Sure it’s convenient, but it’s also high in sodium, which translates to higher blood pressure. When you’re an athlete, you want your body to be running at its prime — which means no foods that can hinder your performance.

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