Black Female Doctors Come Together To Show The World #WhatADoctorLooksLike


In response to the ordeal Dr. Tamika Cross went through, Black female doctors from all over the world are coming together to show their beautiful black skin is also what a doctor looks like.

Unfamiliar with the story? Well, Tamika Cross, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Houston, was midway through a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis when a passenger’s emergency sent her into “doctor mode.”

Sometime after takeoff, a man two rows in front of her suddenly became unresponsive, she said, and flight attendants called for help.

Cross said she immediately flagged down one of the crew members, offering to treat the man. But she got a response she wasn’t prepared for.

“Oh no, sweetie, put [your] hand down,” Cross recalled the flight attendant saying. “We are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you.”

The reason behind the flight attendant’s apparent skepticism? Cross says it was because she is black. There is no other reason in her mind or in the mind of many who heard her story.

When she posted the ordeal on facebook, her post was shared more than 40,000 times and people are talking about it.

So Black women doctors have bonded together and in a beautiful show of solidarity, posted their pictures using the hashtag #WhatADoctorLookslike. Here’s a few below:








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