Tyra Banks Adds Skincare Line To Her Brand & Shares Secret To Looking Young

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks/Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Smize! Tyra Banks takes her brand to the next level. In addition to her affordable, direct-to-consumer beauty arsenal, Tyra Beauty, the OG supermodel delivers a whole new reason to be excited — her first-ever skincare line!

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Keeping women’s precious time in mind, Banks opted for a simple yet effective skincare system, consisting of The Clean Machine, a foaming face wash and turbo cleansing tool all-in-one ($29), The Closer, a skin-soothing, hydrating serum ($39), The Secret Weapon, a microdermabrasion wand ($49), and an 8-minute face mask to brighten dull skin, aka Instant Gratification ($49 for eight masks). There’s a little bit of something for everyone hoping to achieve modelesque glow.

“Everybody knows I love makeup and I’m all about transforming the face into a beautiful portrait—a masterpiece,” the Harvard Business School grad told Allure shortly after the big launch. “What people may not know is that I am also a firm believer in healthy skin-care habits and routines.”

Tyra introduced the products in a series of Instagram posts.

Yes, all those videos I’ve been posting have led to this: the introduction of skincare to @TYRABeauty! This is the rundown on the new line: Years of research and beauty tips I live by led me to produce the most effective and delightful skincare out there. I’m all about taking really good care of my skin, so I can look like I’m aging in #TyraYears and go filter free on Instagram when I feel like it! Now, it’s your turn. ✨ My Mama always told me not to wash my face with just my hands. “Tyra, girl, you’re just moving the dirt around!” And I’ve listened. First up is The Clean Machine…. …a 3-in-1 foaming face wash that cleanses, removes makeup and purified your skin. It has patented technology – a attached Turbo Cleansing Tool – to give you that deep clean that makes your skin feel super fresh. Wanna know more? Yeah, baby. Click that link in my bio.

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