Michelle Obama Checks Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’: “This Is Not Politics As Usual”


With the election only weeks away, our beautiful, quick-witted First Lady Michelle Obama is not here for presidential candidate Donald Trump and his incessant sorcery.

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While campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last week, FLOTUS gave an emotional speech in which she rebuked Trump for bragging about using his celebrity and power to sexually assault women.

His remarks were heard on a 2005 video of Trump talking with Billy Bush on a bus for the TV show Access Hollywood. Since the Washington Post’s release of the video and audio, several women have come out detailing the ways Trump violated their bodies in past encounters.

Trump said all of the allegations against him are “lies.” During the last presidential debate, Trump even referred to his comments about groping and kissing women as “locker-room talk.”

Mrs. Obama wasn’t going to let Trump shrug this off so easily.

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