6 Foods To Avoid On Dates

3. Milk

Your tongue game has to be on point on a date. Let me clean that up for the dirty minds. If you aren’t careful, eating ice cream, cheese rigatoni and pizza can leave your tongue mixing with the wrong type of crowd. The tongue contains bacteria that feeds on the amino acids in dairy products like milk and cheeses which contributes to funky stale milk breath.

4. Coffee

It’s a real “I’m cultured or I’m grown” thing to order a cup of coffee at the end of a date, but you’re putting someone else’s nostrils and your reputation at risk when you do so. The caffeine in coffee dries out your mouth which causes bad breath. Saliva is really important to your breath because it helps kill the bacteria in your mouth, and it helps digest the leftover food particles in your mouth. When coffee comes into the picture the saliva in your mouth decreases and the bacteria that causes bad breath goes buckwild.

5. Tuna Sandwiches

You can be a sucker for cornrows and manicured toes, but whatever you do, don’t be a sucker for corn chips and tuna sandwiches. Tuna smells. Flat out. This often canned product starts to smell even worse as it oxidizes. If you want to cut the smell of the tuna, pack it in extra virgin olive oil, but even then the funk will permeate through your lips and into the nostrils of your date.

6. Horseradish

This plant root is a natural defense against other animals because of its rotten smell. Just imagine what your date from Tinder is saying about you to her friends when you bite into your roast beef sandwich drenched in horseradish sauce. The active ingredient in horseradish is isothiocyanate, a chemical compound that makes your breath all hot and tart. To alleviate this problem rinse your mouth out twice a day, brush and floss as needed….and skip the horseradish.

We want to hear from you. What have you discovered is a no-no on dates?


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