Let’s Spill The Tea On Fit Tea: The Truth About Detox Brews

black and green teaHyped as healthy and natural, detox tea has been all the buzz surrounding weight loss these days, and with celebrities of every caliber peddling every brand of it across social media, it makes you start to wonder how legit these teas really are.

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When you hear ingredients like Chinese oolong tea, maté leaves, peppermint, ginger, lemongrass and ginseng, it all sounds pretty virtuous so why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Well, before you jump on that bandwagon let’s break down the risks.

1. Senna

If you aren’t familiar with senna it is a natural plant-based laxative, and it works! But just like the chemical- based laxatives these are meant to be used sparingly on a necessary basis. Daily or frequent use of senna is becoming an increased concern for many doctors and nutritionists who don’t recommend this teatox trend.

Gastroenterology expert and medical doctor at the University College of London, Lauretta Ihonor, even went as far as starting a Change.org petition against specific brands with large amounts of senna in them. The larger concern for Dr. Ihonor isn’t that you’ll be on and off the toilet every day from sipping this tea, but it’s more the long-term impact it has on your bowels. How often do you type a phone number off of memory in your cell phone anymore? Probably not much with technology dumbing everyone down. Well this is the same way your bowels will react to the overuse of laxative assistance. At some point your system will begin to depend on its usage. Sounds like a lot of uncomfortable constipation!

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