Samuel L. Jackson & Wife LaTanya: 40 Years And Counting!

… a good reputation,” Jackson told The Guardian in an interview in early 2016.

“I was doing Pulitzer-Prize-winning plays. I was working with people who made me better, who challenged me. So I was doing things the right way, it was just that one thing that was in the way — my addiction,” he continued.

It was Richardson who convinced her husband that his personal health wouldn’t be the only benefit of getting clean. She urged Jackson to consider how his acting might evolve without the influence of drugs and alcohol.

“I’ve always had my wife LaTanya, who’s my harshest critic,” he recalled. “She’d say: ‘You’re so intelligent that the first time you read something, you think you understand it intellectually and emotionally … But there’s no blood in it.”

And the greatest roles of Jackson’s career wouldn’t emerge until he got clean, an experience he describes as a door blowing wide open.

“It wasn’t until I got sober that I knew fully what she meant,” said Jackson. “Before, I used to do stuff on stage and kinda look for the reaction from the audience — ‘Aha! I got ‘em good that time!’ And once I was able to ignore that, and focus on the relationships with the people I was onstage with, I was finally able to blossom into whatever I might think I am now.”

Here’s to wishing them another 38 years together!

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